Our team

Tomasz Konieczny Legal counsel

TEL +48 603 742 273 / t.konieczny@kancelaria-kgp.pl

Managing Partner. Legal counsel. Mr Konieczny completed his legal counsel training at the Poznań Bar. He graduated from the Faculty of Law and Administration at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań.

He specialises in consumer protection, e-commerce and banking law, economic insurances, and real estate transactions. He is a highly experienced lawyer with many years of service in banking disputes and in proceedings before the Court of Competition and Consumer Protection for recognition of the contractual terms and conditions clauses as unlawful.

Author of hundreds of publications on civil, economic, insurance, finance and commercial companies and partnerships law constantly published in the Gazeta Podatkowa [Tax Newspaper] and on other popular web portals about law, economy and finances.

Jakub Nawracał LEGAL COUNSEL

TEL +48 61 842 00 29 / j.nawracala@kancelaria-kgp.pl

Legal Counsel. He specializes in commercial insurance. He provides legal services to companies of the insurance market. His legal practice is associated with insurances since 2000. He gives lectures and training in the field of insurance law.

Author of numerous publications in the field of insurance law, including commentaries and articles in scientific journals.

In his spare time, he rides a bike and travels. Is interested in history.

Michał Polak Legal counsel

TEL +48 600 279 188 / m.polak@kancelaria-kgp.pl

Partner. Legal counsel. He completed his judicial training at the Circuit Court in Poznań. From 2007 to 2010 he was a member of the Local Administrative Review Board in Poznań. Member of a supervisory board of a Polish capital group. Mr Polak is an experienced layer with many years of experience in providing comprehensive legal services and economic advice to enterprises.

Mr Polak cooperates with local self-government entities by creating special-purpose companies for realization of public tasks and other activities as part of the public-private partnership.

During his leisure time he enjoys reading, playing football, and traveling.

Katarzyna Broda LEGAL COUNSEL

TEL +48 61 842 00 29 / k.broda@kancelaria-kgp.pl

A graduate of the Faculty of Law at the Maria Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin, where she obtained her Master’s degree at the Department of Constitutional Law with a thesis that expressed her professional interests in spatial planning, land development and property management. Since January 2015, she has been pursuing bar training for legal advisors at the Regional Chamber of Legal Advisors in Poznań. She has extensive experience in providing legal services to commercial companies and non-govenmertal organisations. In our law firm, she advises on economic law.

In her private life, she is interested in the Irish literature and the Mexican cuisine.


TEL +48 531 670 111 / m.weiss@kancelaria-kgp.pl

He specializes in private law, especially law of compensation and insurance law, as well as procedural law. In his practice he is involved in lawsuits for infringement of personal interests, bodily injury and health disorder, medical malpractice, damage to property and personal injury, infringement of intellectual rights.

He has PhD degree in philosophy. From 2010 to 2012 he was a lecturer in the Department of Philosophy at the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań. In His research he was concentrated on metaethics, bioethics, theory of law, theory of historiography and history of ideas. He is an author of a book titled “Ethics and Evolution. Metaethical Context of Evolutionary Ethics”, Poznań 2010, as well as numerous academic articles.

In his spare time he devotes himself to his family and books.

Filip Olejniczak Legal assistant

TEL +48 61 649 44 48 / f.olejniczak@kancelaria-kgp.pl

4th-year student of law at the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan. At our law firm he deals primarily with banking issues, in particular the analysis of the illicit nature of the provisions in loan agreements and the nullity of such agreements. In addition, within his competence there are broadly understood economic and consumer law, translation of contracts and matters related to family and guardianship, as well as inheritance law. His legal interests focuses on the criminal proceeding. He attends seminary concerning this area of expertise.

In his free time he enjoys reading books and practicing all sorts of sports, especially football, swimming, cycling. His passion is culinary, political history of Europe and numismatics.

In addition to the Polish language, he speaks German and English.