Economic law

Our law firm provides to its clients the following services in the field of economic law:

  • drafting and evaluating commercial contracts and agreements
  • answering questions about legal issues connected with our client’s business
  • supporting our clients in negotiations on legal aspects of transactions
  • providing trainings to members of management boards, supervisory boards or employees in the legal background of the client’s business operations

Michał Polak, Legal counsel

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Commercial companies and partnerships law

Commercial companies and partnerships law is one of the most essential areas of law for entrepreneurs. Knowledge and experience acquired in this field is necessary both in ownership and structural transformation and in ongoing corporate business. We offer advice in the following areas:

  • incorporating commercial companies and partnerships
  • transforming commercial companies and partnerships
  • conducting mergers and acquisitions, including due-diligence, negotiations, drafting investment contracts and agreements, representing clients before the Polish Office of Competition and Consumer Protection)
  • preparing a company’s corporate records
  • conducting judicial proceedings before the Polish National Court Register
  • providing legal opinions
  • providing training sessions to members of management boards and supervisory boards

Real estate

We have the breadth of experience in providing legal advice on transactions and investment processes. We provide real estate-focused services to:

  • developers
  • enterprises undertaking building investments for their business purposes (e.g. commercial facilities and office buildings)
  • enterprises in disputes with third parties or with local self-government authorities

Our areas of work include:

  • conducting legal audits of real estate properties
  • advising on legal conditions related to the realization of investments
  • providing changes of building development conditions
  • obtaining construction permits
  • drafting contracts for design and construction projects, building contracts, etc.
  • preparing drafts of developer’s contracts and final contracts
  • representing in land and mortgage register proceedings, dividing real estate properties, providing appropriate entries in land and mortgage registers
  • conducting indemnification proceedings in case of expropriation by local authorities
  • appealing against any rise of the perpetual usufruct fee
  • appealing against unfavourable administrative decisions on real estate properties
  • restoring possession

We permanently cooperate with specialists, among others, in real estate property expertise and geodesy.

Michał Polak, Legal counsel

tel. +48 600 279 188

Competition and consumers law

Competition and consumers law is an essential part of our law firm’s field of expertise. Formally, as part of the internal division of the law firm’s tasks, we divide this branch into competition law and consumers law. Such division is justified by the formal distinctiveness of these two aspects of specialization.

Competition law is a very sensitive field in many entrepreneurs’ business activities, especially for those who have a dominant position on the market with respect to the category of some products. This field is also very significant for those entrepreneurs who conduct horizontal and vertical contracts that might affect economic surroundings. We support our clients with the following competition law-oriented services:

  • supporting entrepreneurs in contacts and proceedings before the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection
  • providing legal opinions and advising on issues that may be connected with the infringement of competition law, including analysing possible risks and providing solutions
  • providing training sessions to members of management boards, supervisory boards and employees in legal aspects of competition that affect the company’s efficiency
  • drafting vertical and horizontal contracts compliant with competition law

Consumer law. Nowadays, courts and state authorities are more and more sensitive about the consumer’s rights, hence the knowledge, understanding and ability to apply law in relations with consumers are currently crucial for enterprises. We support our clients with the following consumer law-oriented services:

  • conducting class actions against banks and local self-government units
  • providing legal opinions and drafting rules and standard agreements
  • supporting clients in complaint procedures

Tomasz Konieczny, Legal counsel

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Intellectual property law

Intellectual property law encompasses copyright and a vast number of other rights, for example industrial property rights. This law is so complex that it is regulated by many international legal acts. Its applying is often transboundary. We provide the following intellectual property law-focused services:

  • drafting license agreements or transferring intellectual property rights
  • providing legal opinions on transactions relating to intellectual property law
  • representing our clients in pre-judicial and judicial proceedings in disputes about intellectual property law
  • preparing application for trade mark registration

Tomasz Konieczny, Legal counsel

tel. +48 603 742 273

Procedural and enforcement law

We can attain many arrangements through negotiations. However, it is frequently necessary to take legal actions before court or execution bodies to protect the entrepreneur’s interest. Our highly experienced and excellent litigation department renders the following services:

  • proceedings for payment
  • legal relationship proceedings
  • proceedings to secure claims
  • enforcement proceedings
  • other proceedings detailed in previous branches of our law firm’s specialization

Tomasz Konieczny, Legal counsel

tel. +48 603 742 273